RC Pixels V2


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This board is the next generation of innovation for the R/C market, featuring 5 channels to control addressable RGB LEDs for amazing light shows all controllable via your existing RC transmitter.


  • Built in web server to host configuration utility. No more device specific apps to install, just use a web browser on any wifi capable device.
  • 5 LED channels
  • 3-4s LiPo battery monitor
  • 12 Patterns with more coming soon
  • 8 Color palettes
  • 1 PWM input for changing patterns via RC Transmitter
  • Can drive up to 255 leds in series (unlimited number of strips in parallel)
  • Over the air firmware and configuration utility updates



  • LED Type: WS2812/WS2812b (5v only!)
  • Voltage: 5v


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